Willoughby Arms Local Area & Attractions

Little Bytham is part of the Vales of Lincolnshire stretching from The Viking way in the North to the historic and delightful town of Stamford in the South. Its historical connection with the railways described earlier, is only one of its many attractions.  Surrounded by rolling hills and saturated with historic houses, the surrounding landscape is both dramatic and rich for exploration.  Together with its sister village of Castle Bytham, a conservation area since 1973, the hamlet of Little Bytham provides an idyllic escape from urban life.


Places of interest in the locality include the Georgian town of Stamford with its 600+ listed buildings and the splendour of the historic Burghley House, one of the finest Elizabethan houses in England.  Fascinating enough before, their use as the backdrop for TV/movie classics such Pride and Prejudice, The Da Vinci Code and Middlemarch has only served to increase their appeal.

Nearby Belton House, used as the setting for Jane Eyre and the imposing Grimsthorpe Castle with its 800 year’s history also have much to offer the Lincolnshire visitor. belton house
Easton Walled Gardens, lovingly restored to life after lying hidden for 50 years are another delight to explore. easton walled gardens
Just over the county border lies Rutland Water, the largest man-made lake in the UK.  Now an important wildlife reserve and birdwatching centre, a wide range of water sports are also available and the reservoir is surrounded by 25 miles of beautiful pathways and cycleways. rutland water
Other popular attractions in the locality include:-   Due to Lincolnshire’s proximity, there are a wealth of other attractions including:-
Sacrewell Farm – Farm centre with working water mill and play areas   Rutland County – Smallest county in England and full of charms to explore
Yew Tree Avenue – Unique display of topiary lining a half mile avenue   Oakham and Uppingham – Historic market towns of Rutland County
Tolthorpe Theatre – Covered external auditorium hosting Shakespeare plays   Belvoir Castle – Home of the Duke of Rutland, boasting magnificent gardens
Stamford Museum – Depicts the history of the finest stone town in England   Nene Valley Railway – Steam railway centre and home of Thomas Tank Engine
Twyford/Morkery/Bourne Woods – A range of woodland walkways   Twinlakes Park – Children’s theme park with animal and falconry zones
Woolsthorpe Manor – 17th century farmhouse and home of Isaac Newton   Peterborough Cathedral – 13th century with Catherine of Aragon’s tomb
    Lincoln Castle – Norman design with unusual two mottes arrangement